RRD Global bar V8

   RRD Global bar V8
   RRD Global bar V8    RRD Global bar V8    RRD Global bar V8    RRD Global bar V8    RRD Global bar V8

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No need to ‘change any game’ with the release of our 8th version of the RRD Global Bar. Because of the great history of performance, we have kept our new version simple, reliable, and packed with the same great features of the previous versions. But with the V8, we now take another step forward with new components and redesigned parts.

Simplicity is our mission. We remove any unnecessary items, instead of adding them, to make every component more functional. Simply said : ”you cannot break what does not exist”.

We have the following new features on the RRD Global Bar V8:

Rotating chicken loop, that acts as a swivel, to easily untwist your front lines.
Our new simplified safety system flags the kite on the front line which makes the kite de-power 100% in case you need it.
Standard equipped with a short leash (approx.. 50cm or 20”) to attach on the front of your harness.
Optional: thicker and longer leash specifically for the handle passing riders.


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Termék ára:

4 LINE BAR 55cm wide with 23m lines 115 000,-Ft

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